Jamison & Lindsay Kate

The 2015 Highlights for Jamison Skinner Photography. 

To fill you in. 

   Jamison and I have been quite busy this year with a few little things.This past year while Jamison and I worked to photograph twenty-five weddings, we also planned a wedding of our own. For those who do not know,Jamison and I started working together in January of 2014. We soon discovered we made quite a team, and it only made sense to run our business as a married couple. So over a 6 month time frame, from November to May, we planned and prepared our wedding. On May 23, 2015, we said “I DO”. It was quite the adventure for us, and daily continues to be one.

    However, we do not want those who support our business to miss out on what we have done over the past year. We were able to shoot and be a part of engagements, portrait sessions, family events, fundraisers, unique events in Birmingham, and of course weddings. So with that being said, we have thrown together a few blogs capturing some highlights of 2015 and will be publishing these blogs over the next few days. 

  We are truly thankful for this year and all of those who invested and believed in us. Your support excites us and challenges us to continue to do our best work. Thank you for believing in Jamison Skinner Photography. We look forward to 2016 and all the things to come.