Hannah & Ethan


"Here is the deepest secret nobody knows. I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)."

Hannah and Ethan.  

Where do I begin with this couple?

Jamison and I were ecstatic to get the opportunity to shoot Hannah and Ethan's wedding.  Jamison and Ethan have shared a deep friendship for the last six years of their lives, and Hannah and I clicked from the moment we met.  One thing we loved about shooting their wedding was seeing pieces of ourselves in this couple... From being at the same stage of life, to having comparable passions, sharing similar personalities, and knowing the excitement of soon marrying your best friend. So yes, we loved the idea of getting to spend this exciting day in support and with them. 

We watched Hannah as her hair was curled and pinned, make up was applied, jewelry added, and beautiful dress was revealed to her bridesmaids, calmly and kindly prepare to see her best friend.  Although I have to believe the nerves were present, Hannah's excitement and simplicity seemed to cover them quite well. And of course, we stood with Ethan as he prepared himself to see his soon to be bride, yet never missing the opportunity to make one of us laugh throughout the whole process. We captured the first look that Hannah and Ethan had on their day. I would have to say, I think one of our favorite moments came shortly following the first look. We snapped photos of just the two of them as we was watched them interact with each other as if this was something they did everyday. Their intimate ceremony took place at the Barn at Shady Lane, and it was a perfect fit for this wedding. We watched the day go on as a celebration constantly reminding us of the excitement we had towards our soon wedding day. 


Our favorite moment revealed. What you can't see is the thousands of photo looked through because of how easy it was to capture this couples charm. 

"Let them a journey new begin." 

We loved this incredible new venue, and have to say The Barn at Shady Lane is our new favorite venue in Birmingham. The barn itself is beautiful and rustic and includes a vintage bridal loft. Chandelier lighting in the barn is stunning and works great for a day or night ceremony. Michael and Linda Adler did a fantastic job creating this venue and were a pleasure to work with the day of the wedding. They also were a huge help in making sure the wedding day flowed smoothly and the barn was perfect for the ceremony and reception. 

We also had the opportunity to work with their wedding planner, Candice, from Something Blue a "Day Of" division of M Elizabeth Events. She did a great job of working with Hannah to make sure she was able to enjoy her wedding day, and not be stressed about all the details that can come with important events. 

Another unique part of this day, was the personal ceremony that took place for Hannah and Ethan's wedding. Beautiful music was played and worshipful words were sung. They also shared in the Lord's supper with all of their guest... It was very clear to see that this couple was determined in making sure their ceremony was centered on Christ.  

When this couple became Mr. and Mrs. Asters the fun and excitement could not be contained any longer.  Hot chocolate was served. The live band began to play. Delicious food was devoured... and then the dancing began. 

And the dancing continued. 

And continued. 

Still Dancing. 

Hey, we know that face don't we? Yes, even we were dancing. We couldn't miss out on this incredibly entertaining reception. 

Sparklers to send them away.

And a kiss to say Goodbye.

And there you have, Hannah and Ethan's wedding day.