Q&A with Borrowed & Blue

Jamison Skinner Photography recently teamed up with Borrowed and Blue, the locally-focused online wedding resource for Birmingham weddings, to give couples everything they need to know about our photography services.

Here’s our Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:  

 How did you first get into photography?

My journey into photography began in 2012, near the halfway point of my education at Samford University. I enjoyed taking pictures as a hobby, shooting engagements, family sessions, artists, and anyone who would let me take their picture really.  Allison Moss, a retired wedding photographer and secretary of Samford’s communications department, took an interest in my work. One day she approached me with an opportunity to shoot a wedding of her friend... Needless to say I enjoyed capturing the wedding  (I think I was paid $100. Ha!), and over the next year, I gradually began to book more weddings here and there...Over the next two years my love for photography blossomed, and I put away my “hobby”of taking pictures in pursuit of becoming a full time photographer.  That dream began to become a reality in 2014 when my better half, and now wife, Lindsay Kate, began to work along side me in the business. Lindsay Kate was already skilled with the camera, and I have never considered her a second shooter.  Now we're a husband and wife running our full time photography business, with equally important rolls.  She thinks like a bride and I think like a groom (I know, I got the easy end of the deal)...We couldn't be more grateful to all of the brides and grooms who have allowed us to capture their wedding day and tell their story. With the said, it's difficult to express our gratitude for the Lord’s provision over our business throughout these past few years... We owe everything we have to Him, and trust in Him daily to sustain our company.

 What single photo sums up your aesthetic?

As a storyteller, what draws you to a particular subject?    

Whether it’s the bride and groom, or a father/daughter first look, we feel the natural imperfections that accompany any shoot are what give our pictures a sense of authenticity. Real and authentic moments are what we hope to capture when telling any story.

 What is your favorite moment to photograph at a wedding?

The “first look” or the first time the bride and groom see each other on the wedding day, is probably say our favorite. It’s a contagious moment.

What makes or breaks a engagement shoot?

We find that when couples trust our vision for their engagement shoots, they are able to relax and enjoy themselves. The photos from the shoots reflect the genuine happiness of the couples enjoying themselves.

What are some of the most photogenic spots for Birmingham engagement shoots?

We are big fans of downtown Homewood. If you catch downtown Homewood at the right time you can capture the lights and the small town feel beautifully.

Where else do you love to photograph?

We love to take advantage of rural landscapes on private properties around the outskirts of Birmingham. The beauty of these landscapes truly inspire a natural feeling within our pictures.

What’s one of your favorite photographs you’ve taken?

What’s your favorite wedding that you’ve shot?    

This was a hard question for us to answer, mostly because their are different aspects of many weddings that have added to our list of favorites. One of our favorites was a Rhode Island wedding. Feel free to check this wedding out on our blog linked below! http://www.jamisonskinnerphotography.com/blog/kyleandsarah

What’s your favorite out of all the Birmingham wedding venues to shoot at?

The Barn at Shady Lane  is hands down our favorite wedding venue in Birmingham.  From Ceremony to Reception, it has everything a couple could ask for from a venue. And on top of that the owners, Michael and Linda Adler, and the staff are absolutely phenomenal to work with.  

What is the first thing you ask couples when they approach you?

Before we determine which of our packages best fit our couple, we ask them to share with us their vision of the wedding.

What’s the biggest mistake the couples make when choosing their photographer?

We find that people will look for price over quality. Trust me, Lindsay Kate and I both understand budgeting for a wedding, but we also know that photos are the physical memories of your wedding day that will last you a lifetime. Many people will settle for mediocre photos at a cheaper deal. Which makes it important for us to encourage our clients to invest in the memories they will be able to share with their friends and family for a lifetime.

What makes Jamison Skinner Photography different from other wedding photographers?

We are a husband and wife team. This affords us the opportunity to see the shoot through the eyes of a bride and a groom. Collaborating our two completely different minds together allows us to see unique things a bride and a groom would want for their specific wedding day.

What tips do you have for couples who have never been photographed before?

Trust your photographers. Don’t put the pressure on yourselves. Just relax and have fun.

What are some of your upcoming projects for the future?     

Being that we are based in Birmingham, we don’t capture to many weddings near the beach. So we are excited for some upcoming coastal weddings, based in Tampa Bay and Charleston.


Lights, camera, action. It’s time to book your photographer with Jamison Skinner Photography to make those memories last a lifetime. For the rest of your wedding planning needs, be sure to check out Borrowed & Blue.