Whitney and Matt 3.28.15

It is a gift in life when you find people who genuinely love to teach and help others. These people are not scared to push others to work harder or think bigger.

This explains Matt and Whitney. Matt and Whitney are not the typical teachers you would think of. Their work setting is not a classroom, no, their work setting instead consist of weights and kettle bells, work out bars and medicine balls, chalked up hands and exhausted gym members. Matt and Whitney are the owners of CrossFit Irondale and they are a power couple to say the least. 

On a Saturday in March, we watched behind the lens as Matt and Whitney become Mr. and Mrs. Pals. One thing that stood out about their wedding day, was the fact that they actually loved their wedding day. I truly believe it was one of the best days of their lives. Enjoy looking through some of our favorite shots!

And there you have Mr. and Mrs. Pals.